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Welcome to Grand Wing System USA Inc. website, GWS always provide the best airplanes and customer service to all the customers!

GWS USA was established in January 2004, to enhance and improve the distribution channels of GWS products. Our goal is to have the complete GWS product line available in stock to provide immediate satisfaction for local market demand. GWS USA is focused only the distribution and support of GWS products so there is no conflicting brand interests.

In order to improve customer service, GWS USA will be addressing all warranty and repair issues for the American market.  This will simplify and expedite customer service issues.



GWS is one of the leading, most reputable and successful manufacturers for R/C servo motors, satellite TVRO servo motors, piezo gyros and R/C airplanes as well as radio control related products. GWS was established in 1993. Our good reputation and products have quickly spread out all over the world because of our very unique & modern design, high quality and affordable pricing as well as quick delivery. Our prices are very competitive for our high quality and reliability. All GWS products are being manufactured in our own factory under our strict quality control and staffed by our well trained management.

We also have a modern R&D department and tooling department, Our factories manufacture our electronics and airplane kits. The sales and marketing department are in the same facility, therefore we can offer you the best service and support for you and your customers.

GWS also provides OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM. You could have your own logo on the products exclusively as long as the tooling and development charges and fees are paid by your company.


Please contact sales@gwsus.com

  • If you have any inquiry or technical question about the GWS product.
  • If you could not find the products you want at your country.
  • If you already are our Customer  or you want to be GWS’s distributor or dealer.


Please contact marketing@gwsus.com

  • Marketing & media relations support.
  • Corporate social responsibility.