Become a Dealer

How to become a GWS USA Authorized Dealer

1.  To become a GWS USA Reseller, you will need the Seller's Permit/License or Resale Number.
2.  Download GWS USA Dealer Application Form.
  Fillable GWS USA Dealer Application (You may need Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later)
3.  Please read the provisions of the Dealer Agreement and Acknowledgement.
  If you agree all provisions, please fill out the form with your signature.
4.  Submit your Application Form

Fax your application form and Seller's Permit to (909)946-4979 Or
Email to

Please note: the Reseller Permit is a must requirement to commence your dealer application process unless you have a prior written statement from GWS USA to eliminate it.

5.  Processing
  Please allow GWS USA three (3) to five (5) business days to process your application.
6.  When your account is ready:
  GWS USA will email you notification.
Please note, if you do not have an email address, GWS USA strongly recommends obtain one for future business transactions.
7.  Services:
  If you have any question regarding the dealer application, please kindly email us at or call us at (909) 332-2929.

GWS USA Warranty Policy and Merchandises Return

Section 1: GWS USA warrants GWS products to be free from defects at the date of purchase. These conditional warranties do not cover any components or parts damaged by misuse or modification.   GWS does not warrant crashed items.

Section 2: In that GWS has no control over the final assembly, no liability shall be assumed nor accepted for any damage resulting from use or misuse by the user of the final assembled products, the user accepts all resulting liability.

Section 3: For all GWS Batteries and Motors, those will not be applied to any conditional warranty and with no grace period; GWS USA will only be liable for the original defective ones upon shipping to your location. Any defective battery or motor can be exchanged within three business days after the date of receipt. A packing slip might be requested from you for any exchange claim to GWS USA.

Section 4: Any Styrofoam materials products will solely apply to the defective exchange rule without any warranty and grace period provided. The claims period shall be within three business days after the date of receipt.   A packing slip and photo might be requested in order to process.

Section 5: All GWS products except from Section 3 and Section 4 will have a 90-day conditional warranty.  All returns require a “Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA )” which can be obtained by contacting GWS USA.   No returns of any type will be accepted without an RMA Form and will be returned to the sender. (Details please see RMA process.)

Section 6: If it is determined that the product has been repaired or reworked by an unauthorized person or persons other than GWS factory authorized personnel, all conditional warranties will be void without exception. This Section will apply to all the GWS products.

Section 7: All items sent in packages shall be inspected upon received by GWS USA. All claims for damaged products must be made with the carrier within 3 days of the receipt of the package except Section 3 and Section 4.

Section 8: All defective items must be processed through the manufacture or the distributor of the product. All returning items must be in new, saleable condition. They must have original packing material, manuals and accessories.  GWS USA reserves the right to change or modify this warranty without notice.

RMA request contact information:
Phone: (909) 332-2929 | (909)946-7676
Fax : (909) 946-4979


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